Casino Bonuses

Here at My Casino Sites, we absolutely love casino bonuses. Why wouldn’t we? Somebody is, quite literally, throwing free cash at you. Can’t really complain about that, right? This page is dedicated to talking to you about why online casinos offer bonuses and, perhaps more importantly, the types of bonuses that they offer. We know that a lot of the information you see on this page will be familiar to many of you. This information is more for those who are new to online casinos.

Why do online casinos offer bonuses?

They probably would not get any business otherwise. If you head online, you will see thousands upon thousands of online casinos. There is a lot of competition there. We mean it. Players have become accustomed to receiving bonuses now, so if they see a site that offers either no bonus or a mediocre one, they will head to one of the many other sites out there. They have no time for the terrible websites, right?

Casinos originally started to offer bonuses to stand out from the crowd. This is trickier now that everybody and their dog is offering a casino bonus, but companies are still trying to outdo one another on the bonus front. You will see this among newer casinos in particular. They know they do not have a reputation to rely on, so they really have to worry about how much a player can earn should they sign up to their website.

Do you really get free money?

Well sort-of. You can’t just sign up to online gambling sites and withdraw the money that they give you. Wouldn’t that be nice? Instead, you will need to play through the money. You must remember that an online casino is a business. They are not going to give you money for the sake of it.

In most cases, there will be a minimum wagering requirement with your bonus. You may need to win using the cash three to four times before you can even withdraw it, and even then you will only be taking the ‘winnings’ as opposed to the initial bonus cash anyway.  Always make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the casino bonus so you know what is going on. 

Deposit-Based Bonuses

These are the most common bonuses in the world of online casinos. With this type of bonus, you deposit money into your account, and then the online casino gives you something for doing so.

Some people regard this as the riskiest type of bonus, and it is to some extent as you need to trust the online casino is going to be good as you need to put up your own cash, but if you read the reviews that you see on this website, you can be sure that any website that we recommend is worth playing on.

The most popular casinos will offer a matched deposit sort-of thing. This means that if you deposit a certain amount, they will match it up to a certain amount. This may continue for the first few deposits that you make. For example; an online casino may say that they will match your first deposit up to £100. So, anything that you deposit up to £100 you will be given. So, if you deposit £75, then you get back £75.

In other cases, although this is more of a sport betting site thing as opposed to an online casino thing, you will be given a fixed amount of cash. These are not our favourite bonuses as they never tend to be that high, but if the online casino is good, we are prepared to let that slide.

No deposit bonuses

Just what it says on the tin here. You are asked to deposit nothing into your account. They just give you free cash to play about with. These are rare and they do have some strict terms and conditions attached, but at least they give you a way to play about on a site with the minimum amount of risk to you.

Regular Player Bonuses

In the past, it was the welcome bonuses that were the most lucrative to new players. Online casinos now realise that those welcome bonuses do not get people sticking around and playing on their site.

They need something to constantly be thrown at them. Therefore, most online casinos now offer regular player bonuses. The more you play, the more you earn.