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Australian Online Casinos

New Australian online casinos are hardly easy to find nowadays. The problem that you are facing now is that online casinos in Australia are shutting down at a rapid rate, mostly due to strict legislation.

Couple this with the fact that a ton of top casino game vendors aren’t bothering to offer their games to the Australian market nowadays and you really got your work cut out for you. Thankfully, there are some ways in which you can at least attempt to find some decent Australian online casino sites. Here are some tips.

Casino Licensing: Is Important!

Licensing in Australia is a little bit different to other countries. We don’t really have a single licensing board for online casinos here, with each area licensing its own casinos.

We don’t want to get too much into this. All we really want to mention is that the casino that you choose should have a licence to operate wherever you are gambling in the country. If there is no licence, then you have fewer protections which is never going to be a good thing!

Casino Games & Pokies Selection

Yes. We know. The selection of games at online casinos in Australia is a little bit different to other parts of the world. The fact that we do not have the larger companies such as NetEnt here means that many online casinos have needed to turn to weird and wonderful game companies to keep their site stocked.

When we are looking for a new online casino to gamble at, we try to ensure that there is a good selection of familiar games, as well some of the more unique ones too. The more games, the better. You are probably never going to find an online casino which has hundreds upon hundreds of slots available, but you should find some which have at least a few dozen.

Remember; don’t just think about the game that you want to play now when you are searching for an online casino. Think about the games that you may wish to play in the future.

You need a selection of as many games as possible. There is no sense in finding a site which just has slot machines on it, only to find that eventually you want to play some poker which means you need to look elsewhere.

To cap it all off; you may want to check that they are regularly adding games. This will ensure that you can continue to be entertained.

Mobile Casino

We ignore online casinos which do not cater to the mobile industry…even if we are not big mobile players. You see, most people gamble with their mobile devices now. So, if an online casino does not have a mobile version of their site available, then it means that they do not keep up with the latest casino trends which means it is probably not somewhere that you will want to gamble.

Of course, if you are a fan of mobile casinos then you will want to find a site that caters to you anyway. In an ideal world, you will not need to download the software onto your phone, you should be able to access it directly through your browser. Most, if not all, of the casino games should be playable too.

Customer Support

When we are looking for a new online casino, we always like to pay attention to customer support. This is because it is a good indicator of whether the site cares about you or not. Live chat is not 100% necessary, although it is going to come in handy. What is necessary is that the online casino will answer any questions that you may have nice and quickly.

Casino Bonuses

Not as big in Australia due to the lower amount of competition, but there should be a decent number of online casino bonuses that you can enjoy. If not welcome bonuses, then a few other bits and pieces that you can make use of when you have been gambling at the site for a while.

Looking for some of the best new Australian online casinos?

If you are, then you can check out the list below. We will do our best to keep this list ‘up to date’, so make sure that you check back regularly. If a new online casino crops up, then you can bet your last dollar that we will be of the first to talk about it.